Designer statement
Nobody really needs more clothing, at least not as much as we are all purchasing. Also there is so much waste already
all over the world, we could just use that to dress ourselves with. But not being naked isn't the only reason we buy
fashion, its about expressing ones identity.

Don't we all want to be unique and isn't that what we want to express with our outfits and the designs we purchase?
The future of fashion is going to be more about art. We want the pieces of design not to just be a dress, a shirt, a bag.
We want them to be of good quality materials, fairly made, maybe practical, but most of all, we want them to be

The inspiration for all designs comes from creativity and celebration. Expressing yourself in a creative way is the most
beautiful thing in life and Augusta Wind is giving you the opportunity to express yourself. So make a choice and pick
something that really fits you!

About Augusta Wind
'Augusta Wind' is a small accessories brand from the Netherlands run by Augusta Wind. The brand consists of fun,
fresh, fashion forward and sometimes extreme and limited designs made out of quality materials. All designs
match but have their own identity.

All products are made in the Augusta Wind Studio in the centre of Rotterdam. The designs maintain high standards
and are only made from quality leather and materials, which mostly come from Europe.



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